So, what do you think one of the most important things on your holiday is? 

  • Reliable performance 
  • Comfort 

You know that to get the most from your holiday is to have happy feet in your boots. 

This is what we can do for you. With our many years dealing with this problem, as myself having two completely different size feet, I understand some of your pain and with my experience I hope we can take these problems away, and save you money from buying new boots, with our “Snowboard Boot Lab Save Your Boots.  

Snowboard boots are extremely difficult to recycle as they have little plastic in them, as winter sports equipment is difficult to recycle. We have estimated that 5.5m snowboard boots go to landfill each year. As we need snow to ride increasingly more, our community should recycle our equipment. So here at Snowboard Guru we have devised Save Your Boots with Snowboard Boot Lab. 

What is Snowboard Boot Lab Save Your Boots? 


Don’t give up on them, you can have a re-fit with the Snowboard Guru’s Snowboard Boot Lab. Just book your re-fit and bring your boots and socks along. 

So, what is Save Your Boots? Here at Snowboard Guru, we see more and more people trying to sell their boots online, because buying the wrong size or badly fitted. But we all know that you are not going to get the same type of money back, even if you say that you have used them for a couple of hours. We can help you save the hassle of trying to sell them and the pain of wearing them in.  


Some of the main problems:

1,Boots too big; your feet will move around inside your boots, stopping you from getting an immediate result from your turns and with this you will get foot fatigue from curling your toes under to stop heel lift and which can cause foot cramps and blistering. 

2,Boots too small; this is not the most frequent problem as buying too big and not allowing the stretch of a few mm in the boot, and this can cause bruised or even in-growing toenails. 

3,Cheap foot beds/insoles; All boot manufacturers us cheap insoles in their footwear. It is important to upgrade your insoles, this will help you with better performance and posture. With “Remind Insoles” you also can use in all your footwear.  

4,Not the right socks; choosing the right socks is just as important and overlooked piece of your snow kit. Sock scientists designed supremely comfortable socks from “Stance Socks” from thick to light weight to give you the most comfort in your boots. 

5,Foot maintenance: This is something that you can do at home before your trip, it sounds simple but is especially important, cut your toenails and before you go shopping for boots, as this can cause bruised or even in-growing toenails. Please note before coming for your boot fit. 

Here at Snowboard Guru, we have joined up with Remind Insole.

So, who are "Remind Insole"? "Remind" is a small business with huge passion to create the best quality products as a pain free solution to help support our daily lifestyle and overall wellbeing. Everyday used by some of our great's "Remind" Ambassadors; Travis Rice approved, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi and more. So, we stand corrected. 


Your Boot Fit will cover  

  • Starting with checking your feet size to your boots. 
  • Looking at your ankle alignment and stance. 
  • Showing you the best way to put on your boots. 
  • See if we can heat mould your old boots. 
  • Check your insoles. 
  • Do you have heel lift? 
  • The socks that you ride with. 

Our “Remind Insoles” range come in different arch support profiles from self-moulding and heat moulding we can offer. Also, the New “Remind Insoles” come with inpact tech.  

We can put in padding around the ankle to help from heel lift, by customising your inner boot liners. 

Boot Fit will take about 1 ½ hours this is our flat rate. 

  • Custom Standard “Remind Insoles” self-moulding £60  
  • Heat mould custom fit “Remind Insoles” £70 
  • Heel lift moulding will be extra £10 
  • Heat moulding your old boot liners extra £20 

Bouns with every Boot Fit, a FREE pair of “Stance Socks” 

Who are "Stance Socks"?

They believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice self-expression for the sake of functionality or craftmanship. Best fit, great looking sock and high-performance with solid protection and highest quality materials from the element to keep your feet comfortable all day long. 


Book Now for your One 2 One appointment, we can also so do out of hours appointments. 

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