The 5 top tips on Pro verses DIY Ski/Snowboard Service Technician

by Tara and Heidi - 12:21 on 26 July 2022


What are the benefits on doing your own servicing?

This is a very good question, and we understand the need to know the difference before you pay out on tools and waxes.

At Snowboard Guru, we can help you by servicing it for you, or you can do one of our technician programmes and hopefully in this article we can help you make the decision that best fits you by outlining the pros and cons on pro vs DIY. This way by the end you will be able to identify which is the best for you.

How much will it cost me?

  • A professional technician is cheaper in the short term as you do not have to buy all the equipment (tools and waxes) as it costly. Servicing price guide.
  • But doing it yourself we do know that it can be very costly. With doing one of our Technician Programmes and buying tools and waxes. But in the long term your outlay will pay off, especially if you have a large group or family. You can sit back and see what you have achieved, also you can get your holiday beer money from them!!!!

How long will it take me?

  • We also know time is precious and it is easier for you to get someone to do it for you, the only hard work will be for you is arranging collection and drop off.
  • At first servicing your own skis/snowboard may look daunting, but if you keep on top of it, it just gets easier, and you will find it less and less work to too do, and it will pay off in the long run.

Where is the best place to service my ski/snowboard?

  • Now taking it to your local workshop you do not have to worry about cleaning up all the mess at the end of the day.
  • It's great to do DIY, but we do know your other half will shout” I HOPE YOU ARE NOT MAKING A MESS IN THERE” So our top tip is not to do it in your best suit or on your dining room table!!! A good idea is to take your workbench outside or if you are lucky enough to own your own garage. How about using a friend’s garage and servicing their skis/snowboard for free!!!

Can I do all the work myself?

  • There are somethings you should never attempt on your own. Putting on your own ski bindings as this is a professional trained job, even a ski workshop will probably only have 1-2 people that can do this. If you have new skis and bindings, they should be putting it on for free.
  • When looking at big jobs, it is a good idea to make sure you pick the correct Technician Course as you might not need to do (e.g. core shot patches, side wall and boot fit) all yourself, as it is not a common thing to do, as it happens every now and again and it will also be easier to pay someone else to do it, especially if you have to buy in more tools.

How much knowledge do I need?

  • Taking it to your local shop hopefully they will have the knowledge as there is so many skis/snowboard brands out there, knowing what type of ski/snowboard you have, as in the type of camber profile or if you have multiple edge contact points for the right service, they will do for you. See blog on pros and cons on ski servicing and hire shop.
  • The benefit of servicing your own skis/snowboard is, that you do have the knowledge on your model and brand, but not on techniques. If you are learning from YouTube, you will lose out on one-to-one teaching that we recommend for you check our programmes.


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